At AZUD we have put knowledge, research, development and innovation at the forefront of our growth.

Research and technological development have always been key elements of our company.

In AZUD we apply all the knowledge obtained in R&D, in the day to day of our factories, our products and our solutions; This has been the way to differentiate ourselves and consolidate our brand as a safe bet.

Currently, our gaze is firmly directed towards the challenges and opportunities of the future society. We seek answers and new developments that optimize the performance of our products and our solutions with a clear objective of contributing to water savings, energy efficiency and sustainability.

Main technological milestones

The evolution of the company has been influenced by the ability to adapt to market demand through technological developments. As a manufacturing company, at AZUD we are aware that a good idea is nothing if it can not be manufactured successfully. The investment in technology, in technical and human equipment, and the continuous training required for each project has been part of the company's strategic plan.


Throughout its history, AZUD has had the support of state agencies, universities and training centers, as well as public and private research centers.

It has been crucial the support of entities such as the Institute of Development of the Region of Murcia (INFO), the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce or the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI); universities such as the Polytechnic University of Cartagena, the Catholic University of Murcia or the Polytechnic University of Valencia; public and private research organizations such as CEBAS-CSIC, IVIA (Institute of Agrarian Research of the University of Valencia, IFTS (French Institute for Filtration and Separation Techniques), CIT (Center for Irrigation Technology, Fresno - California), IRSTEA (French National Research Institute for the Development of Technologies for the Environment and Agriculture, former Cemagref), CIFACITA (Private Center for Research and Training Applied to Intensive Crops of Advanced Technology), AIMPLAS (Technological Institute of Plastic), CTM ( Technological Center of Metal), CETENMA (Technological Center of the Environment) of Murcia or Tecnova and foundations such as ETIFA Foundation (Center for Technological Innovation).


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