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Sobre el arándano - AZUD

5 Benefits of reusing drainage water in hydroponic crops

Table of contents Increased Water AvailabilityReduction of Input WaterOptimization of NutrientsSustainability and Environmental RespectSafety Against...
Rodrigo Guirao
Digital farming, agricultura digital

Digital Management of Agriculture: the Digital Farming revolution to maximize crop profitability.

Table of contents From the Field to the Smartphone: AZUD’s Digital Agriculture Revolution¿Qué ofrece nuestra...
Joaquín Torretta
Ventajas filtros fabricados en plastico

Advantages of filtration equipment made of plastics

Table of contents Plastic Filtration Systems: Structural, Functional and Application Engineering AdvantagesCharacteristics and Functional Performance...
Jose María Buitrago López
Nutrición vegetal mejora la producción de cultivos

Plant Nutrition: Maximize Crop Production with Fertigation

Table of contents What is Plant Nutrition?Factors to Consider for Proper Plant NutritionImportance of Soil...
Isidoro Rodríguez

Water Filtration for Irrigation During Drought Periods

Table of contents Irrigation Filtration Systems: The Importance of Filtration in Drought PeriodsChoice and sizing...
Isidoro Rodríguez
Tipos de goteros de riego y sus diferencias - AZUD

Types of Irrigation Drippers and their differences

When considering the option of installing a drip irrigation system, we must first choose which...
Isidoro Rodríguez
Sistemas de riego más precisos y eficientes - AZUD

A more accurate and efficient irrigation system

Localised irrigation is the irrigation system that allows a higher productive and economic yield and,...
Jose María Buitrago López
Cómo ahorrar electricidad en una instalación de riego - AZUD

How to save electricity in an irrigation system

The price of electricity in recent months has led to a significant increase in production...
Isidoro Rodríguez
Riego por Goteo Subterráneo en cultivos extensivos y leñosos - AZUD

Subsurface drip irrigation in field and woody crops

There are several approaches to SDI depending on the different types of crops it is...
Javier Martínez
El biofilm en las instalaciones de riego - AZUD

Biofilm in irrigation systems

We often encounter irrigation installations with serious difficulties due to the presence in the network...
Isidoro Rodríguez
¿Qué es la evapotranspiración? - AZUD

What is evapotranspiration?

When faced with a new irrigation project, the first step is to determine the calculation...
Isidoro Rodríguez