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AZUD SEDAN is a multi-seasonal pipe with incorporated flat dripper, the result of AZUD’s 25 years of experience in the micro-irrigation sector.

The use of the latest technologies and the right design criteria for the development of new models of agricultural irrigation emitters has allowed AZUD to apply DS Technology in AZUD SEDAN and thus obtain the maximum hydrodynamic efficiency and reliability of the emitter under all possible working conditions.


DS Technology.

Maximum protection against clogging.

Greater uniformity.

Maximum resistance to degradation from UV radiation.

Piping with integrated dripper.

The dripper is protected throughout the life of the system, providing high mechanical resistance against shocks and friction.

Technical specifications

Thicknesses: 0.63 mm (25 mil) – 0.7 mm (28 mil) – 0.8 mm (32 mil)
Flows: 1.55 l/h – 2.0 l/h

Technical characteristics

  • Self-compensating emitter: No PC
  • Topography: Flat surface (< 3%)
  • Emitter pipe for an expected service life of < 9 years
  • Emitter Integrated
  • Pipe thickness: Medium
  • Suitable for cultivation: Horticultural crops and extensive crops
  • Type of installation: Aerial

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