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More and more consumers are demanding that large supermarkets opt for fruit and vegetables that have been obtained in a more sustainable way, reducing the water footprint and taking care of the environment.

In addition, reusing drainage water from hydroponic crops allows more water to be available for the crop while reducing fertiliser inputs through reuse.


Basic maintenance, valid for unqualified personnel.

Cost of reusing water < 0.15 €/m3.

Removal of suspended solids and pathogens that can cause diseases in the crop.


Better use of fertilisers.

Increased availability of irrigation water.

Reduced water footprint in production.

Technical specifications

Removal of suspended solids and substrate dust by double stage disc filtration.
Removal of herbicides, fungicides, viruses and bacteria by advanced oxidation.
Possibility of installation of the plant in an air-conditioned container.
No need for civil works.
Compact plant with plug & play connection.

Technical characteristics

  • Soilless/protected cultivation

  • Elimination of herbicides, fungicides, viruses and bacteria

  • Water source of substrate

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