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Valuing water resources in more than 100 countries

We help the professional farmer to obtain the maximum productive and economic yield in an efficient and sustainable way.

With Water Culture we help to optimise the use of such a valuable resource, and therefore reduce costs. We provide technology, innovation and precision for efficient water management in the new agriculture

Cultura del agua - AZUD

More than 30 years as a leading manufacturer of water efficiency technologies

We are a global company, a benchmark in the manufacture of technologies for the efficient use of water, leading to a more profitable and sustainable agriculture and industry.

The company was founded in 1989 in the most arid region of Europe, and today, we are proud to be a standard bearer for Water Culture and to promote the value of water resources around the world.

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Cultura del agua - AZUD

The more valuable the crop, the more valuable the business

The purpose of our company, and therefore of La Cultura del Agua, is to innovate in the efficient use of water for a more profitable and sustainable agriculture.

We help the professional farmer to maximise productivity and economic yield through our products, solutions and services.

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Cultura del agua - AZUD
Cultura del agua - AZUD


Each crop is unique and so are its needs.
Our team of agronomists can help you maximise your profitability
by lowering your costs and increasing the quality of the crop.

Culture of Water - AZUD

The new agriculture will be
sustainable or not.

At AZUD, we believe that sustainability is key to the future and competitiveness of agricultural companies.

We want to improve the world through cost-effective and sustainable solutions. To do so, we want to become a benchmark for our CSR management, promoting the well-being of people and helping to build a better society.

Find out how we empower the farmer to be part of efficient agriculture and how we focus on sustainability in all our actions and projects.

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Get to know our success stories and all the companies that are already part of the Water Culture.
Azud projects

Drip Irrigation in Deira Island (Dubai)

Azud projects
Azud projects
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Culture of Water - AZUD

Turning water into a vector for
sustainable human development.