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Localised irrigation is the tool available to control crop productivity by using water as the vehicle for applying nutrients only when, how much and where the plant needs them. But this, in the 21st century, is not enough.

A future in which the efficient use of resources will define the development of many countries requires the implementation of high-precision localised irrigation systems in agriculture. As a result of technological development, both unique dripper designs and manufacturing capabilities ensure consistent quality and excellent water use, making precision the difference in agricultural water use.

Riego de precisión - AZUD

Benefits of precision irrigation

  • Accuracy is the “enabler” of planned outcomes. It allows us to make our predictions real. Without high-precision localised irrigation systems, neither the when, the how much nor the where would be a reality.
  • Direct application of water and nutrients at the point of extraction.
  • Greater control of water and nutrient application.
  • Increased irrigation efficiency.
  • Saving and improving fertigation.
  • Reduction of energy expenditure.
  • Uniformity of production in the cultivation area.
  • Reduction of the impact of treatments through irrigation laterals.
  • Precision in filtration safety. Standardised and certified filter grades.
  • Accuracy of flow emission. Standardised and certified transmission lines.


Riego de precisión - AZUD

Resolution techniques and advantages

Modernising conventional irrigation systems with high-precision localised irrigation systems involves the integration of controlled raw materials and high-tech production processes, which ensure that the highest performance and constant quality are maintained throughout the entire period of operation.

Accuracy in localised irrigation systems must not fluctuate and has to remain at its highest value throughout the entire life cycle of the system.

AZUD Solutions

For us, high-precision localised irrigation systems are the result of constant innovation in dripper design, continuous evolution (improvement) of processes and a proprietary technological capability, enabling large-scale manufacturing in a globalised world.

Accuracy is the only value that does not depend on the rest in the installation. Drippers must be accurate when used, over the working or self-compensating range, and filtration systems must also be accurate in their protection of the system and in resource use efficiency.

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