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AZUD SPRINT is the thin-walled pipe with integrated dripper that offers greater safety in seasonal crops. More durable, more resistant to clogging, more precise and more uniform in irrigation. AZUD SPRINT is the right choice.

The AZUD SPRINT dripper filter, together with AZUD technology and its triple protection system, ensures maximum safety of the dripper, preventing the entry of particles that could clog it:

Three simultaneous processes:

– Dynamic protection system. The studied hydrodynamic design of the filter, together with its large filtering area, means that the particles that the water carries in suspension are not attracted towards the dripper inlet.
– On-line protection system. The proper positioning of the filter next to the flow lines allows the retained particles to be released away from the dripper, thus avoiding the risk of clogging.
– Mechanical protection system. The filter acts as a physical barrier to prevent particles from entering the dripper.


Maximum protection against clogging.

Anti-sedimentation labyrinth.

Maximum irrigation uniformity.

Increased resistance to working pressure.

Maximum profitability in transport and storage.

Technical specifications

Thicknesses: 0.15 mm (6 mil) – 0.20 mm (8 mil) – 0.25 mm (10 mil) – 0.30 mm (12 mil)
Flows: 0.7 l/h – 1.0 l/h – 1.6 l/h – 2.1 l/h

Thicknesses: 0.20 mm (8 mil) – 0.25 mm (10 mil)
Flows: 0.7 l/h – 1.0 l/h – 1.6 l/h – 2.1 l/h

Technical characteristics

  • Self-compensating emitter: No PC
  • Topography: Flat surface (< 3%)
  • Emitter pipe for an expected service life of < 3 years
  • Emitter Integrated
  • Pipe thickness: Low
  • Suitable for cultivation: Horticultural crops and extensive crops
  • Type of installation: Aerial

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