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NAVIA is the range of self-compensating and non-leakage drippers that are suitable for irrigation of installations with significant topographical unevenness as well as for high-yield crops in greenhouses.

Only with the latest advances in injection technology is it possible to combine in the same dripper a wide range of self-compensation with the best coefficient of variation, providing great uniformity in the application of water and fertilisers to each plant, managing to stabilise each installation.


Wide working range.

It works under a wide range of pressures, maximising the advantages of localised irrigation and optimising costs.
Installation design is simplified by its wide range of self-compensation and accuracy, even in topographically difficult terrain.

Precise opening and closing pressure.

Its precision allows fertiliser savings from the start of irrigation, achieving maximum profitability and being especially recommended for short irrigation, hydroponics and pulse irrigation.

Easy-to-install dripper.

Its design allows it to be installed at variable distances depending on the specific needs of the crop.

Maximum mechanical resistance to impact, friction and UV degradation.

Technical specifications

Flows: 1.1 l/h – 2.2 l/h – 3.1 l/h HND – 3.8 l/h – 7.8 l/h

Flows: 2.2 l/h – 3.8 l/h – 7.8 l/h – 12.0 l/h – 25.0 l/h

Technical characteristics

  • Self-compensating emitter: PC
  • Non-leakage (CNL)
  • Topography: Flat surface (< 3%) and Steep slopes (> 3%)
  • Emitter pipe for an expected service life of > 10 years
  • Emitter Punctured
  • Suitable for cultivation: Woody, Horticultural crops and extensive crops and Protected crops and soilless crops
  • Type of installation: Aerial

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