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Cutting-edge technology for efficient water management

All of AZUD’s manufacturing and solution development processes comply with the highest quality standards. We combine advanced technology, exhaustive controls and highly qualified professionals to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers.

Absolute quality

Our technology achieves absolute quality in the design and development of innovative irrigation and filtration solutions.

Expertos en tecnología de riego - Azud

How we do it?

  • Use of the latest technology in extrusion equipment.
  • Investment in machinery and advanced technology for assembly.
  • Use of technology of maximum precision.
  • Specialists in liquid silicone injection (LSR).
  • Incorporation of automatic process and product control systems.
  • MES control system (Manufacturing Execution System).
  • Quality tests in our own laboratories.
  • Highly qualified professionals.
  • Structure oriented to customer satisfaction.
  • High technology in multicavity injection molds.

Our quality pillars:


Our production lines incorporate different automatic process and product control systems with sensors and artificial vision, in order to provide greater traces and ensure quality throughout our manufacturing process.


Accuracy in each of our processes and manufacturing is a premise, ensured thanks to the use of specialized machinery and continuous precision controls.


Continuous investment in state-of-the-art technology for the development of the most innovative solutions is an AZUD maxim.


At AZUD we put the most advanced technology in the hands of highly qualified experts. We have specialized personnel to carry out exhaustive quality controls in the production and validation phases of the products. The entire organization is geared towards customer satisfaction.

More than 30 years as a benchmark in quality and reliability

Cultura del agua - AZUD
Cultura del agua - AZUD

Our standards and certifications

Culture of Water - AZUD

Turning water into a vector for
sustainable human development.