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Why us?

Find out what makes us different and how we contribute to
helping you grow your business and move towards new agriculture.

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How do we do it?

Water Culture is our way of seeing the world. With it we manage to add more value to the crop and the business through:

Tu mejor partner - AZUD


Knowledge of crops and irrigation techniques, backed by more than 40 years of experience. We provide advanced irrigation solutions in soilless irrigation, reclaimed water, precision irrigation and subsurface drip irrigation.

Tu mejor partner - AZUD


We offer advanced solutions in digitisation, self-cleaning filtration, plant nutrition and water treatment, and undertake challenging integrated projects across 5 continents.

Tu mejor partner - AZUD


An excellence quality service thanks to a wide distribution network, an expert and multidisciplinary team and the service culture that characterises us. This results in operational efficiency for our customers.

Tu mejor partner - AZUD


We provide our customers with digital tools that help them control and optimise the use of our products, consult relevant information and obtain immediate remote support and technical assistance.

Innovación en el sector del agua - Azud


We are connectors of a broad ecosystem comprising the entire agricultural value chain to exchange experiences, generate business opportunities and foster a network of knowledge and innovation, available to our customers.

Tu mejor partner - AZUD


Our service culture is based on close collaboration with our customers, focused on solving their needs and delivering real value. This is why we are able to develop highly competitive, technological and tailor-made solutions.

Culture of Water - AZUD

Turning water into a vector for
sustainable human development.