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5 Benefits of reusing drainage water in hydroponic crops

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Water reuse in agriculture has become an essential strategy for producers facing water scarcity. In this context, reusing drainage water in hydroponic crops has emerged as a critical approach to ensure the sustainability and efficiency of the agricultural sector. Below, we present five key benefits of this practice:

Increased Water Availability

Reusing drainage water allows for the recovery of up to 40% of the water initially supplied. This translates into greater water availability for irrigation, offering the possibility of expanding cultivation areas without the need to seek additional water sources.

Reduction of Input Water

With the reuse of drainage water, a constant supply for crops is ensured, even in situations where there are restrictions or limitations on traditional supply. This practice ensures production and protects against potential droughts or shortages.

Optimization of Nutrients

Drainage water is rich in essential nutrients that crops have not fully absorbed. By reusing this water, these nutrients are leveraged, allowing the recovery of up to 30% of the nutrients initially supplied and reducing the consumption and cost of additional fertilizers.

Sustainability and Environmental Respect

Reusing drainage water contributes to a significant reduction in the water footprint and avoids potential pollution by not discharging nutrient-enriched water into the environment. This sustainable approach opens opportunities for farmers in eco-friendly and environmentally conscious markets.

Safety Against Pathogens

Reusing water properly minimizes risks associated with the spread of viruses and bacteria, ensuring crop health and reducing the likelihood of losses.


After understanding the benefits of water reuse in agriculture, it is essential to discuss how to achieve it effectively. At AZUD, we have developed an innovative solution to address the need to reuse drainage water effectively and safely: the AZUD WATERTECH RW. This treatment and reuse plant integrates a water pre-filtration system with our high-efficiency filtration equipment, the AZUD HELIX AUTOMATIC AA. This disc technology with automatic air-assisted cleaning ensures water treatment with the highest level of efficiency and very low water and energy consumption.

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Thanks to this solution, farmers can not only take advantage of the benefits of reusing drainage water but also ensure that the reused water is of the highest quality, free from impurities and pathogens, and rich in essential nutrients for crops. At AZUD, we are committed to sustainability and efficiency in agriculture, and the AZUD WATERTECH RW water treatment plant is tangible proof of this commitment.

Additionally, at AZUD, we don’t just focus on water treatment. We also offer advanced irrigation solutions that incorporate drippers equipped with self-compensating and anti-draining technology, ideal for efficient water use, ensuring uniform and efficient water distribution directly to plant roots.


In summary, reusing drainage water in agriculture is not just a necessity but a smart strategy that offers multiple benefits. With the right combination of technology and practice, farmers can maximize their resources, protect the environment, and ensure sustainable production. At AZUD, we are committed to leading this change, offering innovative solutions to face the current and future challenges of agriculture.

If you want more information on how to reuse drainage water in your crops or receive expert advice, contact the AZUD team. We are eager to assist you!

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