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Complete guide on the types of irrigation water filters

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Tipos de filtros para filtrar agua de riego

Efficient and sustainable use of water in agriculture is essential for the productivity and efficiency of a farm. Proper irrigation water filtration is essential to protect irrigation systems and promote optimal crop growth. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the different types of irrigation water filters, including a detailed look at the solutions offered by AZUD.

Why is water filtration crucial in irrigation systems?

Irrigation water quality is a critical factor in irrigation system efficiency and plant health. FAO and USDA emphasize that water with high levels of sediment, algae or organic matter can cause clogging and damage to irrigation systems. Proper filtration improves irrigation uniformity, which is crucial for crop yield and health.

Exploring the different types of filters for irrigation systems

A thorough understanding of the different types of filters available and their characteristics is essential for selecting the right filtration system.

Type of Filter Efficiency Cost-benefit
Screen filters Suitable for waters with low to moderate sediment load. Generally more economical, with low maintenance costs.
Disc filters Excellent for the removal of fine and medium particles. Suitable for a wide range of water conditions. Higher initial investment, but with long-term benefits in efficiency and durability.
Automatic filters Ideal for large irrigation systems, they provide efficient cleaning and autonomous operation. More expensive initially, but save on labor and maintenance in the long run.
Semi-automatic filters They combine the efficiency of automatic filters with the simplicity of manual filters. Balance between initial cost and operational savings.
Manual filters Suitable for smaller irrigation systems or where simplicity is preferred. Low initial cost, but require more manual labor.

Screen filters: efficiency and applications

Screen filters are suitable for removing inorganic particles in waters with low to moderate sediment load. They are known for their ease of maintenance and efficiency in capturing large particles.

AZUD LUXON is a self-cleaning screen filtration equipment for the removal of inorganic particles in suspension, guaranteeing the uninterrupted supply of filtered water thanks to the cleaning of the half-scan filtering screen and suction nozzles. Manufactured with high quality steel for mechanical strength and durability. Designed for installations that require high filtration capacity with minimum space occupied.


  • Efficiency: Effective self-cleaning with minimum water and energy consumption due to the cleaning system
  • Resistance: Multiple innovations for ease of operation over time and maintenance
  • Autonomous: AZUD FBC controller for safe and autonomous operation
  • Versatility: Wide range for any type of installation AZUD LUXON MFH 7200 DSC0672

Disc filters: technology and efficiency

Disc filters are efficient at removing fine and medium particles, making them suitable for a wide range of water conditions, including waters with high sediment loads.

AZUD HELIX SYSTEM is a manual cleaning disc filter that combines reliability and robustness. On the other hand, AZUD HELIX AUTOMATIC is a self-cleaning disc filtration equipment that offers an advanced self-cleaning technology, ideal for poor quality water and/or water containing organic fertilizers.

Filtración por discos AZUD HELIX SYSTEM


Classification according to filter function

The classification of irrigation filters is based on their mode of operation, which facilitates the understanding and selection of the most suitable option according to the specific needs of each irrigation system.

Manuals: simplicity and efficiency

Manual filters are valued for their simplicity and efficiency. They are ideal for small-scale irrigation systems or in situations where more direct and personal control of the filtration process is required.

Manual filters, such as the AZUD HELIX SYSTEM, are an excellent choice for smaller irrigation systems or where simplicity is preferred. They require manual intervention for cleaning, but their simple design makes them easy to maintain.

Characteristics and advantages

  • Direct control: Allows the user to manage and control the filtration process directly.
  • Costo-efectividad: Generally more economical both in purchase and maintenance.
  • Simplicidad de diseño: Easy to understand and operate, ideal for less experienced users or smaller irrigation systems.

Manual Filter Maintenance

Maintenance of manual filters includes:

  • Regular cleaning: Need to manually clean the screen or filter element.
  • Maintenance frequency: Depends on water quality and use of the system; a regular check is recommended.

Automatics: comfort and performance

Automatic filters offer an efficient, low-maintenance filtration solution for large-scale irrigation systems. Automatic filters are ideal for large irrigation systems where efficiency and reduced manual labor are crucial. The AZUD HELIX AUTOMATIC is an example of an automatic filter that combines protection and efficiency with an innovative self-cleaning system, offering a minimum frequency of self-cleaning activation thanks to the patented AZUD HELIX system.


  • Autonomous operation: Automatic cleaning and maintenance, reducing the manual workload.
  • Improved efficiency: Maintain consistently high filtration efficiency.
  • Suitable for large systems: Ideal for more complex and extensive irrigation systems.

Initial cost vs. long-term savings: Although more expensive initially, they can offer significant savings in maintenance and labor.

Filtración con sistema de limpieza automático AZUD

Semi-automatic: a balance between manual and automatic

Semi-automatic filters represent a balance between manual and automatic systems, offering advantages of both, a combination of efficiency and ease of operation.

AZUD SPIRAL CLEAN is an AZUD semi-automatic screen filter that offers maximum filtering surface, ease of cleaning and effectiveness, with minimum maintenance. Its ergonomic design allows fast and effective cleaning without disassembly.


  • Semi-automatic control: Requires some manual intervention but with less frequency and effort than fully manual filters.
  • Filtration efficiency: Maintain filtration efficiency similar to that of automatic systems.
  • Cost and maintenance: Offer a balance between initial investment and long-term operating costs.

AZUD SPIRAL CLEAN pegatina 2020


How to choose the right type of filter for your irrigation system?

Choosing the right filter for an irrigation system is a crucial decision that can significantly affect efficiency and sustainability. Here are some tips to help you select the most appropriate filter for your specific needs.

Tips for selecting the right filter

  • Assess water quality: Identify the load of sediment, algae and other contaminants in the water. This will help you determine the type of filter that will best handle these impurities.
  • Consider the size and type of irrigation system: Larger or more complex irrigation systems may benefit from automatic or semi-automatic filters, while smaller systems may be suitable for manual filters.
  • Crop type: Some crops are more sensitive to certain types of impurities than others. Consider the specific needs of your crops when choosing a filter.
  • Frequency and ease of maintenance: Evaluate your ability and willingness to perform filter maintenance. Automatic filters require less maintenance, while manual filters require more regular intervention.
  • Available budget: Consider both the initial cost and long-term operating costs. Automatic filters may be more expensive initially, but save on labor costs in the long run.

In AZUD we have developed a filtering equipment configurator for irrigation systems. Based on years of experience and after the study of all the data collected by our engineering team, we can offer this application that under the name of Configurator, is presented as an easy and intuitive tool to size and recommend filtration equipment. You can access our configuration from

Installation and maintenance of filters for irrigation systems

Proper installation and maintenance are crucial to the optimum performance of any irrigation filtration system. It is essential to carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation, ensuring that all components are properly assembled and secure. For maintenance, it is important to perform regular checks and cleanings, the frequency and procedure of which may vary depending on the type of filter. Manual filters, for example, require more frequent cleaning compared to automatic or semi-automatic filters.

From AZUD we always recommend the installation of our filters by expert installers who are official AZUD partners, which ensure the success of the project thanks to their perfect knowledge of our products.

Success stories: improving performance with the right water filtration system

1. Well water filtration with AZUD HELIX AUTOMATIC

In the Chapanay region of Mendoza, Argentina, an agricultural producer implemented an innovative approach combining pistachio and garlic crops. The main challenge was the high concentration of sand in the well water, which threatened the efficiency and longevity of the irrigation systems. The solution came with the installation of the AZUD HELIX AUTOMATIC 4DCL/5 system with 130 micron filters, adapting perfectly to the low rotation pumps and working efficiently with an additional booster. This advanced system has significantly improved irrigation water quality, extending the life of the irrigation system, ensuring uniform irrigation and reducing operating and maintenance costs.

sistemas de filtracion por discos

Filtración agua riego agrícola AZUD

2. Water filtration of the Orange River with AZUD HELIX AUTOMATIC

A leading raisin producer in South Africa faced significant challenges due to the variability of water quality in the Orange River, especially in the rainy season. The challenge centered on effectively filtering water laden with solids and organic matter. The solution was to implement two AZUD HELIX AUTOMATIC 4DCL6/10FX DLP 200MG systems, capable of handling a flow rate of 360 m³/h. These robust and efficient systems allowed effective filtration at low pressure, optimizing energy consumption and facilitating the reuse of backwash water, significantly improving the sustainability and efficiency of irrigation in raisin production.

Conclusion: maximize the efficiency of your irrigation with the right filter

In summary, choosing the right irrigation filter is a critical step in maximizing efficiency and water savings in any agricultural system. This article has covered the key aspects in the selection, installation and maintenance of different types of filters, emphasizing the importance of choosing a filter based on the specific needs of the irrigation system and the type of water available. We encourage you to inform yourself in depth, to make a decision based on a thorough understanding of the available options and their benefits. By selecting the right filter and maintaining it properly, significant improvements in irrigation efficiency can be achieved, contributing to the sustainability and productivity of agricultural practices.

Contact AZUD experts for free expert advice on the filtering system that suits you best.

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