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Disc technology filtration to ensure the quality of irrigation water

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Projects/ Disc technology filtration to ensure the quality of irrigation water
Filtración agua riego agrícola AZUD
Cultura del agua - AZUD

The company

In the fertile region of Chapanay, in the heart of San Martín, Mendoza, there is an estate of a visionary producer, dedicated to agricultural diversification with a focus on pistachio and garlic crops. This innovative strategy allows the land to be optimally utilized, intercalating garlic cultivation among the growing rows of pistachios, which not only maximizes the use of the soil but also generates a constant income flow during the development years of the pistachio, before it reaches its full productive capacity.

Location: Argentina

Crops: Pistachio and Garlic

sistemas de filtracion por discos

The challenge

The challenge on this farm stemmed from the age and characteristics of the existing wells, each offering a flow of 200m3/h.

The main difficulty resided in the high presence of sand in the extracted water, which represents a constant threat to the efficiency and lifespan of the irrigation emitters. The producer faced the problem of how to prevent clogging of the drippers and protect these vital elements of the system, without compromising the capacity of the already installed low-rotation pumps.

The solution needed not only to address effective particle filtration but also to integrate seamlessly with an additional booster to ensure adequate pressure throughout the irrigation network.

The solution

After evaluating the options and considering the specific challenges of the site, the installation of an advanced filtration solution was chosen: the AZUD HELIX AUTOMATIC 4DCL/5 system with 130-micron filters for each well.

This cutting-edge technology provides robust defense against impurities and organic matter present in the water, ensuring that only clean and safe liquid reaches the emitters.

This system was specifically selected for its compatibility with low-rotation pumps and its ability to operate synergistically with the booster, forming a cohesive and efficient irrigation system.

Benefits of the solution

The results have been extraordinary and have exceeded expectations.

With the installation of the AZUD HELIX AUTOMATIC equipment, the producer has achieved a significant improvement in the quality of irrigation water, which has directly translated into an extension of the lifespan of their irrigation system and a uniform and uninterrupted operation of the drippers.

This technological advancement has led to considerable savings in water and energy, critical elements in the sustainability and profitability of modern agriculture. Moreover, the automatic cleaning system has proven to be an exceptional solution, operating efficiently for more than eight months without the need for manual maintenance, thereby reducing operating costs and freeing human resources to be employed in other necessary areas of agricultural management.

AZUD’s commitment to innovation and support has been a pillar in the success of this project, ensuring that the producer can continue their work without the setbacks previously experienced.

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