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Increase the service life of the installation with AZUD PREMIER and AZUD HELIX AUTOMATIC

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Projects/ Increase the service life of the installation with AZUD PREMIER and AZUD HELIX AUTOMATIC
Cultura del agua - AZUD

The company

The client is a cooperative located in the AGADIR region and founded in the early 80’s by farmers, specialised in packing and exporting citrus fruits in several European countries.

Currently the cooperative manages more than 3000 ha with different varieties of citrus fruits: NADORCOTT, CLEMENTINE, MAROC LATE, WASHINGTON SANGUINE and other varieties.

The capacity of the cooperative’s packing plant is around 40 tonnes per hour, with a staff of 350 people.

The challenge

The customer’s objective is to control production costs:

On the one hand, in the current situation due to the exponential increase in prices, be it energy, fertilisers or labour and, on the other hand, global competition from all farmers.

And the key to this control is to have an efficient and precise irrigation network to avoid losses due to equipment breakdowns.

In this sense, the cooperative is always seeking to optimise and renew its installations and to find the most efficient and suitable equipment for this challenge.

One of the cooperative’s major problems is that they have many farms with old drippers that do not regulate and homogenise irrigation properly, which sometimes leads to enormous cost overruns.

The solution

Comenzamos con un periodo de asesoramiento donde recibimos la inquietud y problemática de esta cooperativa y donde la solución propuesta fue utilizar AZUD PREMIER, como una tubería con gotero robusto, confiable y que posee tecnología avanzada para enfrentarse a los retos que tiene esta cooperativa.

We started with a period of advice where we received the concerns and problems of this cooperative and where the proposed solution was to use AZUD PREMIER, as a robust, reliable and technologically advanced pipe with dripper to face the challenges that this cooperative has.

The solution is completed with an AZUD HELIX AUTOMATIC filtration system for the protection of the irrigation system, as the previous one was very obsolete.

Benefits of the solution

The farmer has benefited from the advanced technical characteristics of our AZUD PREMIER dripper, which, thanks to the patented DS TECHNOLOGY labyrinth, allows him to be protected against clogging, thus increasing the service life of the installation.

As for the AZUD HELIX AUTOMATIC filtration system, a double filtration effect is achieved thanks to the AZUD HELIX device for centrifugal separation of heavier particles, and reliable surface and depth filtration with AZUD 3D DISCS, which ensures maximum protection of the irrigation system.

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