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The most reliable and robust protection for frost protection systems with AZUD HELIX AUTOMATIC equipment.

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Projects/ The most reliable and robust protection for frost protection systems with AZUD HELIX AUTOMATIC equipment.
Cultura del agua - AZUD

The company

The producer is a Spanish company that is a world leader in plant innovation, as well as a breeder and producer of such well-known varieties as the Tango mandarin.

The challenge

In addition to protecting the drippers, we had to take care of possible clogging of the frost protection systems on the farm, where about 1,000 ha of avocado and Tango mandarin trees are grown.

This project was complex due to the large volume of water to be handled, as the anti-freeze system must operate without sectorisation, providing a flow per hectare of 13 m3/h for the duration of the frost.

The solution

As this is a multi-stage project, filtration heads are being installed as the crop grows. At the moment it already has 18 AZUD HELIX AUTOMATIC 4DCL12/12FX DLP MG 130 MICRON BMD units, all of them circulating an hourly flow rate of around 7,000 m3.

The configuration and installation of the filtering equipment allows the total supply of water required during the application of the frost protection irrigation, thus guaranteeing the correct operation of the system on the farm.

For the drip irrigation of the crops, AZUD PREMIER PC AS 16/1.6L 1.2mm 0.40m RD double emitter pipes are used per crop row.

In addition, AZUD TUB PE32 D16 E1.2 was also used for the rooting of the plants in the first few months, in which pricked drippers are installed, which guarantee that the plants will flourish in their first stages.

Benefits of the solution:

The safety and robustness of the filtering equipment allows the producer and installer to manage a farm of this size with guarantees, even if they are several hundred kilometres away from their location.

Energy savings are also important, as cleaning with a pressure of only 1.5 bar provides very low operating costs in this respect.

In addition, thanks to the Helix System, the filter heads delay the need for backwashing, enabling another significant reduction in energy costs.

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