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AZUD PREMIER PC is the most precise emitter pipe on the market, which complies with ISO 9261 specifications and guarantees crop growth on any terrain, with fewer resources and more respect for the environment.

Its self-compensating technology makes it the best solution for precision drip irrigation, as it guarantees flow uniformity throughout the installation.


H.E.X. Protection
Exclusive 3D triple filtration system.

SILITEC Uniformity.
Pharmaceutical technology at the core of the emitter, the membrane.

Durability ELIPSIS.
The best ally for the core of the emitter.

Anti-clogging DS TECHNOLOGY.
Patented safety.

Anti-roots PIR.
Experience with root intrusion.


Emitters always protected.

Self-cleaning H.E.X. filtration system for the retention of particles on the surface and subsurface.

Maximum performance and durability for your installation.

The ELIPSIS chamber is a specific housing for the membrane to ensure maximum performance.

Guaranteed uniform flow throughout the life of the crop.

The elliptically injected diaphragm is free and dynamic, which guarantees precise, reliable and long-lasting self-compensation.

Certified maximum resistance to clogging.

The DS TECHNOLOGY self-cleaning labyrinth consists of elliptical cavities that prevent the sedimentation of particles.

Increased protection against root intrusion.

The PIR system consists of a combination of expertise and physical safeguards that make root intrusion more difficult.

Technical specifications

Thicknesses: 0.9 mm – 1.0 mm – 1.1 mm – 1.2 mm
Flows: 1 l/h – 1.6 l/h – 2 l/h – 2.3 l/h – 3 l/h – 3.5 l/h

Thicknesses: 1.1 mm – 1.2 mm
Flows: 1 l/h – 1.6 l/h – 2 l/h – 2.3 l/h – 3 l/h – 3.5 l/h

Technical characteristics

  • Self-compensating emitter: PC
  • Topography: Flat surface (< 3%) and Steep slopes (> 3%)
  • Emitter pipe for an expected service life of > 10 years
  • Emitter Integrated
  • Pipe thickness: High
  • Suitable for cultivation: Woody
  • Type of installation: Aerial

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