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Maximum profitability in organic olive groves: RGS with AZUD PREMIER and AZUD GENIUN

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Projects/ Maximum profitability in organic olive groves: RGS with AZUD PREMIER and AZUD GENIUN
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The company

The company is an olive grove producer, located in La Rioja, which produces its own oil.

This project is carried out with the collaboration of an installation company that is well positioned in this area of Spain for its experience in the installation of underground drip irrigation systems for vineyards, walnut and olive trees, among others.

The challenge

They are working organically in a 7-hectare olive grove, and we face a double challenge:

1. Seeking to save money in the application of chemical products, by applying what the olive tree really needs directly to the root without product loss.

2. Eliminating obstructions by the hose on the farm when mowing the field.

The solution

Seeing the problem and the challenge faced by the customer, the solution was very clear, and that was to install a subsurface drip irrigation system.

There were optimal conditions. First of all, the ground texture is ideal for this type of installation.

The end customer is a good technician who will be up to date with the maintenance of the installation and the installer has many years of experience with this type of installation, so we can be sure that it will be carried out correctly.

This installation was carried out in two stages, the first was with AZUD PREMIER PC AS 16/1.6L-1.1mm 1.00m.

This second stage was performed with AZUD GENIUN HD PC ASP 16/1.6L-1.00mm 1.00m.

Benefits of the solution

One of the main advantages is the reduction in maintenance costs, as it had to mow the farm frequently and it took a lot of hoses with it.

In addition, it is the savings achieved in water (even if it is an area where water is cheap and they get what they need) and in fertilisers, as the farm is organic.

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