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Great savings in water consumption in organic apple production with Subsurface Drip Irrigation and AZUD PREMIER

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Projects/ Great savings in water consumption in organic apple production with Subsurface Drip Irrigation and AZUD PREMIER
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The company

Project with a large fruit production and marketer company, with great progress, commitment and experience.

The company is always innovating and facing new challenges with one goal in mind: the desire to improve every day

Province: Lleida
Country: España

Extensión manzano ecológico en marco de super alta densidad

The challenge

They undertook an innovative project with the largest organic/ecological apple farm in Europe.

Being organic implies a change in crop management. It is a very high density frame, where herbicides cannot be used and the pipes are above ground, making this very difficult.

Additionally, the use of organic nutrition is much more complex to work with. They also aimed to have a low water footprint in apple production. The farm had some was uneven in some places and the project itself represented a large investment, which would require a guarantee.

The solution

Subsurface Drip Irrigation (SDI) provided us with an answer and a solution to all the problems and challenges of the project. We managed to lower the water footprint and remove the pipe from the surface, managing the plantation unhindered and without stepping on the pipe.

In addition, we can be sure that the installation and design with AZUD PREMIER with its large labyrinth passages, although it has a flow rate of 0.9 l/h, works with total guarantee against obstructions and organic nutrition.

On the other hand, an AZUD HELIX AUTOMATIC 4DCL DLP disc filtration system is used, which filters both the irrigation water and the nutrition to achieve a more homogeneous quality mixture suitable for working with total guarantees in the irrigation system.

Benefits of the solution

We provide a service focused on the solution and requirements of this type of organic farming. At AZUD we design custom projects and provide an advisory service on operation and maintenance. A specific tool has been designed to implement the SDI. AZUD PREMIER + AZUD HELIX AUTOMATIC 4DCL DLP.

Crop and variety: Apple tree (OPAL)
Cultivation Framework: 3.0 x 0.66m
Surface area: 40 ha
Year of installation: 2020
Installed material:

  • Description of the material: PREMIER PC AS d20
  • Dripper flow rate: 0.9l/h
  • Dripper spacing: 0.50 m
  • Drip line spacing: Double line at 30cm from the trunk
  • Subsurface depth: 25cm
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