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Subsurface Drip Irrigation and digital management in gardening and landscaping

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Projects/ Subsurface Drip Irrigation and digital management in gardening and landscaping
Cultura del agua - AZUD

The company

The municipal government of the Costa del Sol in Malaga has been a pioneer in implementing cutting-edge technologies for the care and maintenance of its parks and gardens. This project, spread over several years, has set a milestone in the management of green spaces in one of the regions with the best climate in Europe.

Location: Costa del Sol, Malaga, Spain
Year: 2017
Application: Advanced and sustainable gardening

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The challenge

The Costa del Sol faced unique challenges, such as the presence of calcareous water causing blockages in irrigation systems. A solution was sought that would offer precise irrigation control and be efficient in maintaining the aesthetics and health of the parks and gardens.

The solution

AZUD provided a revolutionary solution by combining subsurface drip irrigation and digital management for irrigation.

The subsurface drip irrigation system was installed using AZUD PREMIER PC AS technology. This emitter pipe with integrated flat dripper with self-compensating (PC) and anti-suction (AS) capability is perfect for subsurface drip irrigation installations.

The AZUD PREMIER PC AS dripper became the key to avoiding the problems associated with calcareous water, ensuring a constant and efficient flow of water and nutrients to the plant roots, without the clogging common in other systems.

This advanced technology was complemented by the implementation of digital irrigation management technologies. This integrated approach enabled the installation of soil probes, which provide soil moisture readings and accurate monitoring of various irrigation parameters, ensuring efficient water management and plant nutrition.

Benefits of the solution

The implementation of this advanced technology has provided significant benefits, including:

  • Improved plant health: Accurate control of moisture and other key factors for optimal plant health.
  • Reduced maintenance costs: 15% savings from reduced weed growth.
  • Significant water savings: 38% reduction in water consumption, demonstrating more efficient water management.
  • Prevention of clogging in emitters: AZUD PREMIER PC AS technology has proven to be effective in preventing clogging problems due to the patented design of its anti-clogging labyrinth DS Technology.

This success story on the Costa del Sol is a clear demonstration of AZUD’s commitment to innovation in efficient and sustainable irrigation solutions, redefining the standards in urban landscaping and natural resource management. The collaboration between the municipal government and AZUD has transformed the urban landscape into a greener, healthier environment adapted to contemporary environmental challenges.

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