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Irrigation in the CaixaForum Vertical Garden in Madrid

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Projects/ Irrigation in the CaixaForum Vertical Garden in Madrid
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The company

The CaixaForum Vertical Garden in Spain, the first and largest continuous garden in the country, represents a significant innovation in urban gardening. This garden has become an icon of Madrid, housing 15,000 plants in its 460 m² without the need for soil.

Location: Madrid, Spain
Year: 2007

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The challenge

To create an efficient irrigation system for a vertical garden that requires a precise distribution of water and nutrients to each plant. In addition, the garden was intended to function as a thermal insulation and cooling system, reducing energy consumption.

The solution

AZUD has implemented its anti-drainage drip irrigation system with AZUD NAVIA ND technology, designed to adapt to installations with significant topographical unevenness and high-yield crops.

NAVIA is the range of self compensating and anti-drainage drippers that adapts to the irrigation of installations with significant topographical unevenness as well as high yielding crops in greenhouses.

This advanced technology combines a wide range of self-compensation with excellent uniformity in the application of water and fertilisers.

Benefits of the solution

AZUD’s pulse irrigation system has transformed the CaixaForum Vertical Garden into an outstanding example of how advanced irrigation technology can improve sustainability and efficiency in urban landscaping projects. The garden has not only aesthetically improved the urban landscape, but has also contributed significantly to the energy efficiency of the building, consolidating itself as a milestone in urban landscaping innovation and environmental sustainability.

Thanks to AZUD NAVIA ND technology, the following has been obtained:

  • 100% Guaranteed Irrigation Uniformity: Each plant receives a balanced amount of water and nutrients, crucial for its healthy development.
  • Better use of water and nutrients: The system ensures efficient distribution, reducing waste and improving absorption.
  • High Precision in irrigation: AZUD NAVIA ND technology allows a rigorous control of irrigation, vital for the success of vertical gardening.
  • Anti-drainage Technology: Ideal for gardens with slopes, maintaining the effectiveness of the irrigation system.
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