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Circular landscaping in Singapore, turning car parking rooftops into gardens

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Projects/ Circular landscaping in Singapore, turning car parking rooftops into gardens
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The project

Singapore, a country known for its strong commitment to sustainability, has undertaken an innovative and pioneering project in Asia and the world: transforming the rooftops of all car parkings into green spaces. AZUD, selected for this project, demonstrated its capacity for adaptation and leadership in sustainable irrigation and filtration solutions.

Location: Singapore
Year: 2016

jardines en techos edificios

The challenge

In Singapore, all car park roofs are required by law to be transformed into parks or gardens.

Given the country’s proximity to the sea and its high water table, an innovative solution was required to utilise these roofs to create sustainable green spaces.

In addition, it was necessary to integrate a system for the collection and use of rainwater, using this catchment source as irrigation water. To do this, a system had to be installed that would guarantee the correct quality of the water, ensuring the correct functioning and extending the useful life of the installation.

The solution

AZUD provided a customised and robust solution including a drip irrigation system, using AZUD PREMIER PC AS technology and the AZUD HELIX AUTOMATIC AA irrigation water filtration system.

  • Drip irrigation system with AZUD PREMIER PC AS technology: The emitter pipe with self-compensating and anti-suction flat dripper ensures uniform and efficient irrigation. The self-cleaning capacity of the dripper makes it an ideal solution when faced with poor water quality, as in this case.
  • Filtration system AZUD HELIX AUTOMATIC AA: A self-cleaning disc filtration system with air-assisted cleaning, which allows the water to be filtered deeply, removing organic and inorganic particles. This ensures optimum irrigation water quality, which is crucial for the maintenance of these green spaces. In order to use rainwater as irrigation water, highly efficient filtration equipment was essential.

Benefits of the solution

The implementation of this solution provided a number of notable benefits:

  • 80% reduction in drainage water: optimising water use in an urban environment.
  • Circular landscaping: thanks to the implementation of rainwater harvesting and reuse systems.
  • 20% reduction in maintenance costs: thanks to the robustness and efficiency of the systems installed.
  • 100% guaranteed irrigation uniformity: thanks to AZUD PREMIER PC AS self-compensating technology, each plant receives a balanced distribution of water and nutrients.

This project in Singapore highlights AZUD’s ability to adapt to the specific needs of its customers, offering advanced and sustainable solutions that not only meet local requirements, but also set new standards in the integration of nature into urban architecture.

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