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Drip irrigation and filtration in the Diagonal Mar Park

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Projects/ Drip irrigation and filtration in the Diagonal Mar Park
Riego por goteo en parque Diagonal Mar
Cultura del agua - AZUD

The company

Diagonal Mar Park, one of the most emblematic and extensive green spaces in Barcelona, covering approximately 14 hectares, represents a unique challenge in terms of maintenance and sustainability.

In this context, AZUD was selected to implement an efficient solution to ensure the vitality of the park.

Location: Barcelona, Spain
Year: 2002

Proyecto de riego por goteo jardinería parque Diagonal Mar

The challenge

Maintaining a large park with a variety of green spaces, including a significant lake, required an irrigation and filtration system capable of handling a high volume of water, while ensuring the good condition of the vegetation and the quality of the lake water.

The solution

AZUD provided an integrated solution consisting of a drip irrigation system and a self-cleaning disc filtration system.

  • Drip irrigation system with AZUD PREMIER PC AS technology: This system with self-compensating and anti-suction technology ensures uniform and efficient irrigation over the entire surface of the park.
  • Filtration system AZUD HELIX AUTOMATIC 4DCL DLP: self-cleaning disc filtration equipment for the removal of suspended organic and inorganic particles. Designed to work with a large volume of water, this filtration system plays a crucial role in the conservation of the lake’s water quality, using efficient technology that reduces energy consumption and maintenance downtime.

Benefits of the solution

Among the benefits of this solution are the following:

  • 15% reduction in water consumption: Optimisation of water use in the park’s irrigation.
  • 80% reduction in maintenance stoppages: Greater operational efficiency and less interruption in the maintenance of the filtration system.
  • Lower energy consumption: Low-pressure filtration contributes to greater energy efficiency.
  • Uniformity in irrigation: Each area of the park receives an equitable distribution of water, crucial for its healthy development.

Diagonal Mar Park is an outstanding example of how AZUD’s irrigation and filtration technology can be used to address large-scale urban landscaping challenges, offering sustainable and efficient solutions that transform urban spaces into efficient green environments.

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