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Tomato grower obtains uniform irrigation with AZUD GENIUN PC

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Projects/ Tomato grower obtains uniform irrigation with AZUD GENIUN PC
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The company

This farm in Almeria, southern Spain, has several hectares of land under greenhouse tomato cultivation.

The main problems faced by this grower were clogged pipes and uneven irrigation.

So, he turned to the solutions of AZUD, a leading technology supplier in this agricultural area, which is very marked by greenhouse cultivation. The province of Almeria is home to the largest concentration of greenhouses in the world, with more than 32,000 hectares.

The challenge

Tomato cultivation stands out for its need for a considerable amount of water, requiring up to 7,000 cubic metres per hectare. In addition, tomatoes are highly sensitive to both lack of water and excess soil moisture.

To obtain a healthy crop and maximise tomato production, the quantity and quality of water, as well as the timing of its application, are of utmost importance.

The main challenge was to ensure uniform irrigation throughout the crop to speed up the start of production and ensure homogeneous quality of the tomatoes.

In addition, the water source used came from a reservoir with a very low quality and a high organic load. This caused frequent clogging of the irrigation emitters, resulting in irregular irrigation and decreased productivity.

The solution

The solution proposed by AZUD included the installation of irrigation pipes with integrated AZUD GENIUN PC self-compensating drippers. These emitters feature anti-clogging technology, a self-cleaning labyrinth and a long service life.

In addition, the AZUD HELIX SYSTEM disc filtration system was implemented, with a filtration degree of 130 microns and a flow rate of 20 cubic metres per hectare.

Benefits of the solution

The implementation of this solution provided a number of notable benefits:

  • Uniform and early production: uniform irrigation ensured the homogeneous application of water and nutrients to the crop, allowing the development of a proper irrigation and fertilisation programme.
  • Safety against clogging: the DS TECHNOLOGY anti-clogging technology, developed and patented by AZUD, guaranteed continuous, clog-free operation of the emitters.
  • Savings in maintenance costs: the solution significantly reduced the maintenance costs of the installation, as clogging and associated problems were minimised.
  • Water and energy savings: irrigation efficiency and reduced clogging resulted in more efficient use of water and energy.
  • Increased nutritional value and fruit quality: uniform irrigation and proper nutrition contributed to higher quality and nutritional value of the tomatoes.
  • Increased profitability: Ultimately, this solution led to increased profitability for the company, improving production and reducing operating costs.
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