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Drip Irrigation in Deira Island (Dubai)

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Projects/ Drip Irrigation in Deira Island (Dubai)
Deira Island, Dubai
Cultura del agua - AZUD

The company

On Dubai’s vibrant and expanding Deira Island, a new commercial and residential development required innovative solutions to ensure sustainability and efficiency in its infrastructure.

Faced with the urgent need to establish healthy vegetation that could withstand the arid climate and specific conditions of Dubai, AZUD, in conjunction with installer Water In Motion and distributor Ventana, came up with an irrigation system that would ensure the rapid and robust growth of the newly transplanted plant species on Deira Island.

The solution needed to be fast and reliable to ensure the rooting of a wide variety of plants, from lawns to shrubs and trees.

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Year: 2022

The challenge

The main challenge was to design an irrigation system that would not only provide efficient and uniform water application, but would also resist the presence of organic contaminants in the recycled water from the municipal wastewater treatment plant.

This required a highly sophisticated system capable of handling potential clogging and variations in water quality.

The solution

To meet these challenges, a hybrid irrigation system combining sprinkler and drip irrigation was implemented.

Two vertical electro-pumps were installed in parallel, equipped with an electric cabinet and a frequency converter to optimize energy consumption and adjust the pressure required for different areas, with the help of a pressure boiler.

An automatic mesh filter AZUD LUXON LCA of 125-micron ensures that the water is free of large particles before application.

Drip irrigation, ideal for sandy soils and dense plantings, uses AZUD PREMIER 16mm self-compensating drippers, ensuring uniform water distribution at a flow rate of 3.5l/h and at 0.30m intervals between emitters.

Benefits of the solution

The implementation of this solution provided a number of notable benefits:

  • The versatility of the pumping equipment together with the VDF makes it possible to adapt the range of operating pressures according to the sector or irrigation zone that is activated according to the timer irrigation schedule, thus adapting to the pressure needs of each type of irrigation present in the installation, whether drip irrigation or sprinkling.
  • In addition, the arrangement of electro-valves with pressure regulator and a manual ring filter (AZUD MODULAR 100) guarantee a correct operation in each irrigation zone.

The drip irrigation system is composed of self-compensating emitters (AZUD PREMIER PC) with anti-clogging and self-cleaning technology, which ensures a long operating life in the presence of solid particles in suspension smaller than the established filtering degree, but with the capacity of proliferation such as algae and others.

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