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AZUD's code of ethics and whistleblowing channel

Ethics and compliance

Ethics and compliance are essential for the growth and good work of AZUD, as the basis for our organisation and growth. We want to provide you with the necessary means to learn first-hand about our integrity policy and to report any irregularities you may observe.

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Ethical code

Our code of ethics is a document that sets out the values, principles and rules that guide our business conduct. It sets out the guidelines that our employees and collaborators must follow in order to act ethically and responsibly in all their professional relationships. Download it to learn first-hand how we work at AZUD, as well as our priorities in terms of integrity and business ethics.

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Ethical channel

In accordance with the provisions of Law 2/2023, of 20 February, regulating the protection of people who inform on regulatory infringements and the fight against corruption, all companies with more than 50 employees are required to have an internal information channel that allows for the reporting of facts that may involve a serious criminal or administrative infringement, or an infringement of EU law.

In addition, the regulations include the obligation to make available to interested parties information on the use of any internal information channel, as well as the essential principles of the procedure.

To ensure compliance with the above, we provide you the following documents:


This channel guarantees compliance with the provisions of the aforementioned regulations in accordance with the provisions of articles 7 and 9 of the same.

Communications may be anonymous, with the identification of the informant not being obligatory, and will be answered through the same channel through which they were received, for which purpose it will be necessary to save the tracking code that will be assigned in the message of receipt of the complaint.

Anonymity shall be lifted only with the express consent of the reporter or where it constitutes a necessary and proportionate obligation imposed by Union or national law in the context of an investigation carried out by national authorities or in the framework of judicial proceedings, in particular to safeguard the rights of defence of the person concerned.

During the process, compliance with the data protection legislation in force shall therefore be ensured (LOPD and RGPD).


When you file a complaint, you will notice that it is directed to an on-line tool external to the domain of SISTEMA AZUD, S.A. The message is transmitted to the tool of an external supplier with the aim of guaranteeing total objectivity and transparency in the process of managing the complaint.

In any case, the external provider will comply with the instructions established by SISTEMA AZUD, S.A. and always in accordance with the current legislation on data protection, guaranteeing compliance with the obligations set out in Art. 28 of the RGPD.

Therefore, this tool may be used by any employee of SISTEMA AZUD, S.A. or any other third party who may have knowledge of unethical, fraudulent or illicit conduct committed within our Organisation.

This Ethics Channel is not the ideal channel for issues related to your employment conditions or disciplinary matters. In such cases, you should follow your organisation’s established policies.


SISTEMA AZUD, S.A. is responsible for data processing. which will process the information collected through the channel in compliance with a legal obligation provided for in Law 2/2023, of 21 February, regulating the protection of persons who report regulatory infringements and the fight against corruption, will process the information for the purpose of managing the complaints received through the channel, ensuring the confidentiality of the whistleblower’s data, keeping them anonymous and not disclosing them to third parties unless their identification is a necessary and proportionate obligation imposed by EU or national law in the context of an investigation carried out by national authorities or in the framework of judicial proceedings, in which case it shall be communicated to the authorities competent in the matter.

Your data will be retained for a maximum period of 3 months from the time the data is entered into the channel, but may remain blocked when it is necessary to evidence the functioning of the crime prevention model or may be required by the competent authority for the initiation of the relevant investigation of the facts.

For more information on the processing of your data or how to exercise your rights, please refer to our Privacy Policy of AZUD Ethic Channel.

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