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Subsurface Drip Irrigation (SDI) in extensive crops: wheat, maize and alfalfa

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Projects/ Subsurface Drip Irrigation (SDI) in extensive crops: wheat, maize and alfalfa
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The company

Finca Monserrate, under the management of grower César Monserrate in Alcañiz, Teruel (Spain), is an outstanding example of successful implementation of the SubSurface Drip Irrigation (SDI) in extensive wheat crops.

Since the installation of the system in 2014, the 7 hectare farm has seen remarkable improvements in the production and management of various crops such as alfalfa, maize and wheat, confirming the viability and efficiency of this technology in modern agriculture.

Province: Teruel

Country: Spain

The challenge

The farm faced several challenges, such as proper water and fertiliser management and the need for crop uniformity. The search for a solution that would allow a more efficient use of resources, as well as a better adaptability to sloping terrain, was fundamental.

In addition, we were looking for an option that would facilitate maintenance, sowing and harvesting tasks.

The solution

The AZUD PREMIER PC AS was the solution selected for this case. This Subsurface drip irrigation system has allowed the water and fertilisers to reach the roots of the crop directly, maximising absorption and avoiding evaporation losses and uniformity problems caused by the wind.

In addition, this system has greatly facilitated farming and optimised productivity on sloping land.

Benefits of the solution

At AZUD, we believe in developing long-lasting relationships with our clients, ensuring the continued success of our projects through follow-up and after-sales service. Finca Monserrate has experienced several benefits since the implementation of the Subsurface Drip Irrigation system, such as:

  • Significant savings in water and fertiliser.
  • Greater Ease in Maintenance and Tillage Work
  • Elimination of Uniformity and Runoff Problems
  • Optimisation of production on sloping land.
  • Producer satisfaction and the absence of problems after 8 years of installation demonstrate the efficiency and durability of our solutions.

The installation carried out on this farm features the AZUD PREMIER PC AS dripper.

Crop: Wheat with rotation to other extensive crops, mainly alfalfa

Area: 7 hectares

Installed Material:

  • Dripper flow rate: 2 l/h
  • Dripper spacing: 0.75 m
  • Spacing between drip lines: 0.72 m
  • Between lines Burial depth: 35 cm
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