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Optimization of plant nutrition in strawberry cultivation through fertigation

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Projects/ Optimization of plant nutrition in strawberry cultivation through fertigation
nutrición vegetal fresa optimización de cultivo
Cultura del agua - AZUD

The company

This estate is located in the central zone of Georgia, with an area of 15 hectares dedicated to strawberry production.

Its main objective is to market the strawberries in the local market, taking advantage of the ample availability of high-quality water from a thawing river.

The soil on the estate has high levels of organic matter, exceeding 5%.

finca de fresa con sistema de fertirrigación multi inyección

The challenge

The cultivation of strawberries has demanding nutritional requirements and is highly sensitive to the salinity of the irrigation water.

Therefore, it is crucial to monitor and control the electrical conductivity (EC) of the irrigation water once fertilizers have been added and prevent precipitates in the irrigation pipeline.

The solution

To address this challenge, the AZUD QGROW V system was implemented, which has three injection lines, one of them designed for the application of acids or other products.

Since the estate has sufficient manpower and the cost is not significant, a manual fertigation system was chosen. This choice facilitated the adaptation and operation of the system by the personnel in charge of the estate.

The configuration of the equipment allowed for precise control of the electrical conductivity (EC) and pH at the exact point where the fertilizers are injected, ensuring an adequate supply of nutrients for the strawberry crop.

Benefits of the solution

The implementation of the AZUD QGROW V solution generated multiple benefits:

  1. Increase in yield potential: Thanks to the optimization of nutrient supply with an optimal EC value, the maximum yield potential of the crop was achieved. This resulted in a 100% production capacity of strawberries, improving the profitability of the estate.
  2. Salinity control: Precise monitoring and control of the EC allowed for the prevention of salinity problems in the strawberry cultivation. This contributed to maintaining plant health, reducing stress, and improving fruit quality.
  3. Irrigation system maintenance: The dosing system of the AZUD QGROW V was also used to carry out maintenance tasks on the irrigation system. This included cleaning and removing possible obstructions in the drip pipeline, ensuring efficient and long-lasting system operation.
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