A modular range with different possibilities in irrigation solutions.


  1. Modular.
    Modular range with multiple combinations to cover the requirements of all installations.

  2. Easy.
    Easy assembly and handling, no tools required, saving installation costs.

  3. Resistant.
    Optimized design to guarantee high resistance and durability. Produced with technical thermoplastics and ultraviolet rays inhibitors.

  4. Safe.
    Special locking system to avoid accidental disassembly and leakage.

  5. Uniform and accurate.
    Maximum irrigation uniformity  through the components design. Compensated and uniform distribution from the first moment of irrigation.

Additional Info.

Design of all its components AZUD RAINTEC:

  • Frame.
      Symmetrical design.
      Avoids leakage and shadow areas.
      Specially reinforced.
      Design and dimensions to favour the irrigation uniformit.
  • Stak.
      Ergonomic design, solid and strong.
      Special area for the fixing of the microtube.
      Specially designed and reinforced to make pressure without damaging the micro-sprinkler.
  • Nozzle.
      High resistance to clogging.
      Special locking system to avoid accidental disassembly.
      Take-off connector specially designed to micro-sprinklers: high flows with minimum head loss.
      Different connection possibilities.
  • Swivel.
      Summetrical design to optimize the spinning.
      Single outlet to allow a maximum wetter diameter with the minimum flow.
  • Anti-insect device.
      Optional for the whole range.