Purification of sea water with zeolite media filtration

Drinking water plant to provide the required standard of potable water for towns and industries through zeolite media filtration. (Sea water TDS 35000-45000 mg/l).


  • Zeolite media filtration for removal of suspended solids bigger than 5 micron.
  • No need of chemicals reagents and unnecessary consumables which can generate cost and dependence.
  • Fully autonomous operation, ensuring the water quality and the maximum equipment protection. No need of qualified and permanent staff.
  • Very compact and modular plant, with simple and immediate installation and commissioning. Without civil works. Without setbacks.

Additional Info.

Standard features

  • Zeolite media filtration (5 micron).
  • Microfiltration cartridge (1 micron).
  • Reverse osmosis system.
  • Measurement and control equipment.
  • Electrical panel and automation and control system.
  • Framework, piping and electric connections.
  • Testing.

Design criteria
The purification techniques employed depend on the type of problem or pollutant detection. Typically, at the same water treatment plant there are different technologies combined in such a way as to ensure gradual and selective water treatment. Each technology protects the rear, allowing each acting solely on technical pollutant for which it is designed.