AZUD FIT tape fittings (ring connectors)

Connectors with ring, without threaded elements.

Maximum safety and easy installation.


  1. Economy.

  2. Easy installation.
    Special design that speeds up the fixing of the tape. Quick and easy to connect.

  3. Security.
    The ring ensures the fixing of the tape, avoiding disconnection regardless of the values of working pressure and the stresses to which this type of accessories is subjected in the tasks of extension and mechanical collection.

  4. Water-thightness.
    The ring guarantees total tightness guaranteeing the absence of water leaks with the independence of the supply pressure values.


  • Blue ring connectors
  • White ring connectors

Nominal dripline thickness

0.15 – 0.50 mm (6 – 20 mil)

Nominal dripline thickness

0.63 – 0.80 mm (25 – 32 mil)