AZUD FIT PLUS, safety fittings

Maximum safety and easy installation. Safety without rings.

  • Easy installation 
    Special design that makes the first insertion between dripline and fitting fast and easy.
  • Safety
    This barb secures the fitting to the dripline avoiding disconnections.
  • Water-thightness
    The perfect combination of these barbs guarantees a higher water-tightness in microirrigation fittings applications.


  1. Maximum safety in a single piece.

  2. Labour saving.

  3. Saving on installation costs.

  4. Quick installation.

  5. It allows the mechanical extension and collection of the dripline.

  6. Safety under extreme working conditions.

  7. Maximum resistance to working pressure

Additional Info.

For agriculture:

  • Irrigation installations where safety in the maintenance of work conditions is the most important factor.
  • Irrigation areas on terraces or with abrupt topography.
  • Subsurface irrigation.

For gardening:

  • Sectors with mixed irrigation, where emitters and micro-sprinklers are placed.
  • Green areas. Leisure and sport areas.
  • Installations with variations in hydraulic work conditions.
  • Green areas with underground irrigation.