AZUD FBC control unit

The AZUD FBC control unit incorporates all the components to automatically operate the filtration system in a single control box.

AZUD offers a wide range of control units (multiple stations), using an AC or DC power supply.

Units are available in 110 V, 220 V or 12 V. This allows for easy automation of the filter systems.

Additional Info.

The control unit incorporates all components that allow the filtration system to be completely automated and autonomous:

  • Program
    This is programmed to activate the solenoids by pressure differential or time.
  • Differential pressure gauge
    All AZUD FBC Control Units incorporate a differential pressure gauge.  This allows the controller to be programmed to activate the backwash cycle when the pressure differential from the inlet to the outlet of the filtration equipment is reached.
  • Solenoids
    The solenoids controlled by the program sequentially send the hydraulic signal to the 3-way hydraulic valves.  This in turn starts and ends the backwashing cycle.
  • Hydraulic piping and connectors
    These allow for the connection from the control unit to the filtration system. All the ends of the micro-tubes coming from the control unit are marked for easy, fast connection to the micro-tubes coming from the filtration systems.