NAVIA is the pressure-compensating and no-drain range able to adapt so much to installations of irregular topography as to crops of high performance in greenhouses. With the last advances in technology, NAVIA joins in the same dripper a wide range of pressure-compensating with the best variation coefficient, obtaining high uniformity of water application and fertilizers on each plant and making each installation profitable.


  1. Wide working range

    It works in a wide range of pressures, allowing to maximize the advantages of located irrigation, optimizing costs. The design of the installations is simplified thanks to its wide range of pressure compensating and accuracy, even in areas with abrupt topography.

  2. Accurate closure and opening pressure

    Its accuracy allows the saving of fertilizers from the beginning of irrigation, obtaining the maximum profitability. Specially recommended for short irrigations, hydroponics crops, pulse irrigation…

  3. On-line dripper of easy installation

    Its design allows its installation to variable distances depending on the specific requirements of the crop. Maximum resistance to blows and friction and UV action.



2.2L- HND 3L- 4L- 7.8L

2.2L- 4L- 8L- 12L- 25L

Additional Info.

  • For tree-crop irrigation, nursery, hydroponics irrigation.
  • Allows to modify the separation between the emission points.
  • For installations with abrupt topography.