AZUD SEDAN is the success of the result of 25 years of experience in the micro irrigation sector.

The use of the latest technologies and the innovative design criteria to the development of the new emitters have made possible the application in AZUD SEDAN of the “DS Technology” by AZUD, together with the obtaining of the maximum hydrodynamic efficiency and emitter’s reliability under all the possible working conditions.


  1. DS TECHNOLOGY: top protection against clogging

  2. Higher uniformity.

  3. Maximum resistance against any degrading action of UV.

  4. The dripper is protected inside the dripline during the useful life of the system, providing high mechanical resistance against strokes and frictions.


  • 160

1.6L – 2L

Nominal Thicknes
0.63 mm (25 mil) – 0.70 mm (28 mil) – 0.80 mm (32 mil)


Additional Info.

  • For irrigation in intensive crops.
  • For irrigation in horticultural crops.
  • Surface and subsurface irrigation.

The main flow in charge of driving the water along the whole trajectory of the emitter, from the inlet to the outlet of the same.

The interaction of the main flow with the secondary flows contributes to increase the effective speed of water.

The existence of numerous secondary flows help to dissipate most of the pressure energy and avoid dynamically sedimentation.