Dripline with pressure-compensating dripper integrated in the manufacturing process.

Thanks to the cylindrical pressure-compensating dripper incorporated, it provides the plant with a constant flow independently from working pressure. Its great application uniformity optimizes crop results, each plant obtains the same quantity of water and nutrients.


  1. High mechanical resistance against strokes and frictions

    Excellent behaviour against temperature and tension changes produced in installation and winding tasks.

  2. Maximum resistance against any degrading action of UV rays.

  3. Length increase of the driplines.

  4. Great uniformity of application among all drippers

    Uniformity of the lateral independently from its location, as well as between the laterals of the same irrigation unit.

  5. Its implantation in lands with difficult topography.

  6. The stability and uniformity of the dripper discharge remain constant, independently from the network pressure conditions.

  7. Reduction of elements and therefore, of material cost for the installation.

  8. Simplification of necessary hydraulic calculations for the network design and dimensioning.


  • Ø 16
  • Ø 20

1.4L- 2.2L – 4L

Nominal thickness
0.9 mm – 1 mm

2.3L – 4L

Nominal thickness
1.2 mm

Additional Info.

  • Suitable for installations with irregular topography.
  • Large crop areas with wide dripline lengths.
  • Installations that require maximum uniformity in fertigation.