Subsurface drip irrigation (SDI) is a high efficiency irrigation technique that allows the localized application of both water and nutrients to crops exactly at the most advantage point: under the soil surface. Thus, the plant growth is optimized while the usage of water, energy, and fertilizers is done by the most rational way.

The benefits of this technique due, exactly, to the direct application of water on the root system; to the lifting of wet area on the surface and, consequently, the removal of evaporation losses; and, additionally, to the lack of irrigation system components on the surface thanks to the subsurface installation. All of these are translated in multiple advantages that lead to high economic positive impacts on the farm turning the SDI into the best alternative from an economic, agronomic, and ecologic point of view.

However, to be able to get all its advantages, it is important to master design and installation criteria which are specific of these irrigation systems. It becomes imperative, during the agronomic design, to have a deeply known about these systems and its use.

Therefore, AZUD is working at SUDIPRO project on the development of a digital tool to transfer an expert knowledge on the accurate design of SDI systems. This tool will allow to any technic profile user to have in an easy, accessible, and intuitive way, the vast experience of AZUD together with the most outstanding scientific knowledge based on rigorous, objective and ratify criteria.

This AZUD’s commitment to leadership a radical transformation of watering systems tries to promote the universalization of more efficient irrigation techniques in order to guarantee the most intelligent and circular water management.


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