CICLICA will be generated on the social, economic and environmental development of the Mediterranean basin, ensuring the efficient use of water through the implementation of soil management techniques and surveillance in their application through localized subsurface irrigation systems.
AZUD’s goal is to facilitate the transfer and application of knowledge on water optimization in crops of agro-ecological interest such as jojoba and carob tree, supporting the farmers to produce with economic, social and environmental responsibility in a Climate Smart Agriculture, increasing in a sustainable way the efficiency and water productivity.
This project is part of the PRIMA programme supported by the European Union and CDTI among other institutions, with a multidisciplinary consortium integrated by CEBAS-CSIC (Spain), TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF MUNICH (Germany), AKDENİZ UNIVERSITY (Turkey), CADI AYYAD UNIVERSITY (Morocco), AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING RESEARCH INSTITUTE (AENRI) and MODERN MACHINERY (Egypt), UNIVERSITY OF DJILALI BOUNAAMA KHEMIS-MILIANA (Algeria).

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