AZUD PREMIER PC AS for gardening

Multi-seasonal dripline with pressure-compensating anti-siphon bond-on emitter suitable for surface and subsurface drip irrigation in landscaping, professional gardening and also for reclaimed water applications.

  • DS Technology applied to the labyrinth.
  • SILITEC membrane.
  • ELIPSIS chamber
  • H.E.X. protection system


  1. Anti-siphon system (AS)

    It prevents the introduction of contaminants inside the emitter.

  2. Maximum resistance to clogging

    The design of the labyrinth, with DS Technology and H.E.X. protection system, guarantees a high resistance to clogging.

  3. Higher pressure-compensating range

    SILITEC membrane, manufactured in LSR, provides high dimensional, physical,
    chemical and mechanical accuracy, obtaining a uniform flow rate, high performance of the dripper and higher pressure-compensating range.

  4. A long life of high performance

    ELIPSIS is a pressure-compensating chamber designed to the perfect combination together with the membrane, obtaining an optimum performance for a higher work interval not only in the compensation pressures but also in the remaining of its useful life.

  5. Guaranteed quality

    AZUD applies to each dripper a technologically advanced quality control system that guarantees to 100% its performance.

Additional Info.


  • Professional surface and subsurface microirrigation for gardening.
  • Landscaping projects in urban environments.
  • Great sport areas.
  • Theme parks.
  • Highways, roads, motorways.
  • Residential areas.