AZUD GENIUN MD is the flat pressure compensating dripper designed with the latest technology integrated in multi-seasonal driplines.

  • DS Technology.
  • SILITEC membrane.
  • ARS double root protection mechanism.
  • Longitudinal 3D filter with H.E.X. protection system.


  1. Maximum clogging resistance thanks to the patented DS Technology . The rounded shape prevents sedimentation of particles in its cavities.

  2. In order to guarantee the highest anti-clogging efficiency, the dripper incorporates a longitudinal filter with H.E.X. protection system, with a large filtration area and with a self-cleaning capacity that allows reducing the passage of particles in three dimensions generating a unique filtration volume in the market.

  3. ARS double root protection mechanism. The geometric shape of the double-arch lid prevents root intrusion into the dripper.

  4. Injected SILITEC membrane. The membrane allows to guarantee the unalterable flow rate and self-compensation range during the entire life of the dripper.

  5. Made in AZUD manufacturing with the highest quality controls and complying with ISO 9261 international standard specifications.


  • 160 (PC)


1L – 1.6L – 2L – 3.8L

Nominal thickness

0.63 mm (25 mil) – 0.70 mm (28 mil) – 0.80 mm (32 mil)